Engineering Study and Analysis

Our capabilities on engineering study and analysis, consist of multi disciplines:

  • Piping - pipe stress analysis and produce drawings (General Arrangement, Isometric, etc)
  • Structural - in place analysis etc.
  • Lifting Procedure - load proof, crane selection and lifting clearance analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)


Electrical & Instrumentation

We provide our clients for the E&I work with designing, supply, maintaining, install, testing and commissioning services. Our offered services includes:

  • Power Substation
  • Power Distribution
  • Switchgear & Panelboards
  • Automation
  • Power System Study
  • Indoor/Outdoor Electrical & Instrumentation Works

3d Laser Scanning Survey

& AS-built Model Solutions

Our technology is among the latest 3D laser scanning technology in Malaysia with strong background for data processing resources for project execution and converted into 3D as-built model in any 3D CAD software's. Our capabilities include:-
  • On Site 3D Laser Scanning
  • 3D As-Built Modeling
  • Dimensional Control Survey
  • 3D As-Built Model conversion from registered Laser Scanning point cloud database into Primitive/Semi Intelligent/Intelligent Primitive Model
  • 3D Plant and Facilities Modeling into Cyclone, PDMS and 3D AutoCAD software environment
  • Point cloud integration with 3D Modeling Interface
  • Engineering Design, Drafting and Manpower Supply including Site Inspection and Office works

Ceramic Thermal Insulation

Eliminating The Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

CharCoat CTI (Ceramic Thermal Insulation) is an acrylic water-based coating that includes extremely fine insulative gas filled ceramic & Acrylic beads and other fillers to both reflect heat and dramatically slow its transfer through the coating.
  • As little as 0.5mm thickness will have a dramatic effect on the transfer of heat from/to the substrate.
  • 1mm thickness has similar thermal insulation to 100mm thick glass wool insulation, without the issue of CUI.
  • It can be applied to a vast range of substrates.
  • Standard and Hi-temp version
  • Up to 600°C continuous temperature
  • Can be used in roof and wall insulation, piping (zero CUI), tanks A/C ductwork, refrigerated buildings or any
    substrate where lowering the temperate can be critical

Passive Fire Protection

& Corrosion Protection For Hydrocarbon Based Fires

  • Epoxy intumescent technology 100% solids - solvent free
  • Passive Fire Protection & corrosion protection for Hydrocarbon based fires
  • Light weight and highly durable
  • Jet Fire resistant char
  • System includes a basalt fibre reinforcement
  • Airless (non-plural) and hand applied, the applied density is 1.1 kg/M2.
  • CharCoat JF is a safety related product


Intumescent Coating:

“A coating which reacts to heat by swelling in a controlled manner to many times its original thickness to produce a carbonaceous char, which acts as an insulating layer to protect the steel substrate.

Petrochemical Temporary Shelter

The MineARC Portable ChemSAFE Safe Havens

We understands that emergency response requirements differ depending on a site’s processing conditions, location of personnel, dangerous goods inventory and a host of other important factors.

Within the petrochemical industry, the common practice of modifying existing site buildings to function as shelter-in-place safe havens can often prove a timely and costly exercise, resulting in a non-flexible solution as site requirements shift over time. Building modification can also prove ineffective, with numerous air entry and exit points to consider, not to mention costly blast proofing if required.

In response, MineARC has developed a fully sealed, transportable and cost effective alternative to site building modification – the MineARC ChemSAFE Range.

MineARC ChemSAFE Safe Havens offer a safe and secure ‘go-to’ area for multiple personnel in the event of a toxic chemical release, fire, explosion or other hazardous emergency response scenario.

lifting & rigging procedure, equipment and tools

A “One Stop” centre of  lifting related procedures & products for your operation needs.

Lifting Procedures:

  • load proof
  • crane selection 
  • lifting clearance analysis

Offer a broad range of equipment and tools:

  • steel wire ropes,
  • synthetic ropes,
  • mooring ropes,
  • slings,
  • spreader beams,
  • cargo strapping systems,
  • hooks,
  • stainless steel chains and etc.

The Modulift Spreader Beam

Ensure the quality and safety of the products with various range of testing equipment.

The leading industrial lifting equipment of its kind, manufactured to provide the ideal solution to most lifting requirements. With its lightweight and portable design, this spreader beam offers a wide range of interchangeable modular components specifically configured for repeated use.


  • DNV Type Approval
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Interchangeable struts
  • Consist of a pair of end units and a pair of drop links
  • Capacity: 2 t – 5000 t
  • Customisable

oil & gas and marine engineering materials

Life Saving, Fire Fighting And Safety Equipment